Calls for revealing mystery in Jarallah Omar’s assassination [Archives:2003/644/Local News]

June 23 2003

The National Body for the Follow-up of Jarallah Omar's Assassination Case welcomed the recent court decision to reinvestigate the case of late Jarallah Omar, who was assassinated on December 28, 2002 in Sanaa. The plea was presented by the family members of the deceased. The body called upon all concerned people and institutions to deliver any information they possessed regarding the incident so as to let the truth prevail and culprits be brought to justice.
A statement issued by the body last Monday said that “since the forming of the body on 11th of June 2003, the body has given highest priority to following up the case of late Jarallah Omar's during court hearings. We view the closure of this case's file in this manner as a step that ignored many important aspects, especially those related to the legal procedures and investigations, which were not completed. This has resulted in viewing this incident as a regular criminal act instead of viewing it as a political assassination with multiple intentions and complicated setup of a prominent Yemeni political personality.
And because we are convinced that the ending of the case without a full inclusive investigation would only yield further similar incidents and would open gates for further political assassinations, we have asked authorized solicitors and deceased's relatives to present urgent requests to the court so as to reopen the file of the case and to fulfill all missing points and hence unveil all the circumstances surrounding the crime before issuing any verdict by the court.”