Camel, horse and car races in Qirnaw Festival [Archives:2005/881/Culture]

September 29 2005

A cultural festival is currently taking place in the province of al-Jawf, 170 kms to the northeast of the capital city of Sana'a. Under the title of “Qarnaw Heritage and Tourism Festival,” the festival is organized by the Tourism Board, an affiliate of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism from Sept 28 – 30.

Various races:

The Festival includes a number of interesting sections such as camel, horse and car races, organized separately. First three winners in each race shall be awarded. Attendants can also find an opportunity for climbing sand hills. The program of the festival covers trips to archeological sites in the province.

The province of al-Jawf is bound by Sa'dah on the north, Empty Quarter on the east, parts of the provinces of Sana'a and Marib on the south and Amran on the west. The topography ranges between mountainous areas, plateaus, wide plains, valleys, deserts and semi deserts.

Ma'een State:

In the valley of Jawf did the old Yemeni state of Ma'een flourish. The capital of Ma'een was Qarnaw, after which this festival is named. The people of Ma'een were highly sophisticated and excelled in architecture as they built nice cities and decorated temples. Ma'een was famous for agriculture, industry and trade. Its influence reached northern areas of the Arabian Peninsula and their exploits are documented in the manuscripts of other Yemeni civilizations.