Campaign for Presidency [Archives:1999/37/Front Page]

September 13 1999

The public is beginning to feel the heat of the presidential elections. Even though the elections are certainly predetermined, yet there is a feeling that the other candidate, Najeeb Qahtan Al-Shaabi is going to gain some voices. President Saleh has begun his campaign strong by visiting a number of governorates, namely, Hodeidah, Taiz, and Aden. In every station he stoped at, he opened several projects, and was welcome by thousands of supporters. 
The timing of President Saleh in opening these projects is brilliant. He has been able to convince many that there has been work done during the last several years. The president opened bank branches, companies, colleges, and visited industrial facilities such as Al-Saleef Grain packaging project. He also called for the speedy construction of several roads, including the Al-Hodeidah – Al-Saleef road. 
The president also visited Taiz, and opened many projects there. He then left to Aden and officially opened the Aden Container Terminal (see supplement). 
The other candidate has also launched some campaigns, and promised many changes in the country if elected. It was notable that Najeeb Qahtan openly criticized the current overall conditions, and the economy in particular.  More on Law & Diplomacy page