Campaign to Safeguard National Bill [Archives:2000/35/Local News]

August 28 2000

Mr. Ahmed A. Al-Samawi, Governor of the Central Bank, opened on Thursday an information campaign for awareness to safeguard the national bank notes from misuse and ill-circulation.
In his inaugural address the Governor talked about the Banks contribution in the field of monetary reform within the financial reforms which the State sponsored during 1995. As a result international organizations were contacted and easy loans and other facilities were obtained. He also disclosed that through consultations and agreements Yemen was able to end the problems of its loans.
Mr. Samawi stressed that all official and media efforts are focused to assist the Bank by disseminating awareness within the public over the need to preserve the national currency through rational use. He urged that people are made to understand the disadvantage of misused bills. According to the Governor, the Central Bank destroys Yr.20m worth canceled notes everyday.