Campus CauseriePerceptions and perspectivesCultural Fete, Faculty of Education, Mahweet 2003-2004 [Archives:2004/734/Education]

May 3 2004
Dr. Al-Kamali (l) and Dr. Hussein
Dr. Al-Kamali (l) and Dr. Hussein
Presentation by Dr. Bushra M. Sadoon
Presentation by Dr. Bushra M. Sadoon
With a view to promoting original research activities in various disciplines and in step with the tradition of organizing symposia for the wider dissemination of the knowledge gleaned from the scholarly explorations, the Faculty of Education, Al-Mahweet, organized a three-day academic and cultural fete form 6 to 8 April, 2004.

A brief overview
The celebration was held under the aegis of Mr. Ali al-Zaikam, General Manager of Local Council. The vice governor of Mahweet governorate Mr. M'd Hamoud Al-Mattary and his assistant Mr. Hamoud Shamlan along with Shaikh Qassim Hubaish, the general managers in the governorate and social personalities were among the galaxy of distinguished guests present on the occasion. Sponsored by Dr. Mohammed Al-Kamali, Dean of the Faculty, the event included addresses by some members of the faculty. An attractive sidelight of the glittering function was an interesting bouquet of skits in which students of the faculty artistically expressed their needs and aspirations. Merit certificates were distributed to the best three students in each department.
The highlights of the second day of the celebration included presentations by eminent faculty members. The themes of their talks were as follows:

1) Current perspectives on Salah Bin Mahddi Al-Mugballi Al-Yamani by Dr. M'd Al-Kamali, the Dean of the faculty. Dr. Al-Kamali in his extremely illuminating presentation contrasted the Verbal School vis-a-vis Al-Muatazila school. Furthermore, he explained the significance of Al-Figh (jurisprudence) School and its founders. He proved that all Yemeni people were craving for knowledge in different sciences but their difficult circumstances was an obstacle between them and what they achieved through different periods of history.
2) Heat barrier and its effects on the climate of Sana'a by Dr.Harith Abduljabar Hameed.
3) Yemeni grammarians between six and nine Hijri centuries by Dr.Tariq Abdulrazaq Bakair.

The celebration was concluded on 6 April on which the following three researches were delivered:
1) Differences and similarities in grammar between Arabic and English Language by Dr.Bushra Sadoon Al-Noori.
2) Numbers Theory by Dr. Hanni Muslim Abood Al-Daiyani.
3) Al-Hamaddani as a geographical and historical scholar by Mr. Abdulrahman Jillan.

All the sessions were vibrant with lively participation from the packed audience which included students of the faculty and many distinguished scholars interested in the respective fields of research. The event added luster and luminosity to the brilliant academic halo which has been the hallmark of the faculty.
Courtesy: Rizq Al-Sanani