CAMPUS VIGNETTEOpen defense of MA dissertation at University of Applied and Social Sciences, Sana’a [Archives:2005/898/Education]

November 28 2005

The open defense of the MA dissertation prepared by Fadi Abdulhalim Ahmed Al-Rasheed was held at the University of Applied and Social Science, Sana'a, on 12 October 2005. Mr. Fadi's dissertation titled “Love and Gloom in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights” was prepared under the supervision of Dr. Ramakanta Sahu, and was examined by Dr. Syed Mohammed Khurshid Anwar and Dr. Mahmoud Akhtar of The University of Science and Technology, Sana'a. Mr. Fadi, in his scholarly presentation ably defended his dissertation and gave an excellent critical analysis of Emily Bronte's novels and successfully situated Wuthering Heights in its proper perspective. He stood his ground and answered a barrage of questions both from the examiners and from the informed members of the audience, which reflected his critical acumen, depth of insight and range of familiarity with the galaxy of 19th century novelist in general and Emily Bronte in particular. Results were announced by Dr. Ra'ad Alwaaly, Dean of Higher Studies. Mr. Fadi was warmly felicitated for being awarded a well-deserved overall 'Excellent' grade by the considered opinion of the examiners. The function which was well-attended included luminaries such as His Excellency Mr. Khalid Al-Sakh, Palestinian Ambassador in the Republic of Yemen; Mr. Saadi Al-Mahrooq, Chief Accounts Manager; Mr. Amad Qazaz, Third Secretary in Palestinian Embassy; Mr. Yusar Radwan, Manager of British Institute for Language and Computer, Sana'a, as well as Dr. Raad Alwaaly, Dean, Higher Studies.

The function ended with a warm vote of thanks to the learned examiners.