Can do more than many think Handicapped celebrate [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

By Fahmia al-Fotih
For The Yemen Times

The international union of Yemeni handicapped association organized a 7-day cultural and sport camp that started last Wednesday on the occasion of crowning Sana'a the capital of Arab culture for 2004, as well as the National Day of Handicapped with 300 participants.
Mohammed al-Kahlani, the Minister of State, attended the opening ceremony in which he stressed the key role of the disabled people can play in developing their society.
He also asked all the society organizations to give a chance to this important sector. “The handicapped has proved that they are highly-qualified and have an ability to do anything as equal as any citizen. The society has to cooperate with this class,” Al-Khalani said.
He added, “We give orders to the technical departments in all governmental institutions to pay attention of those of “special needs.” We want to establish a park for them sport clubs for practice their hobbies and social activities.”
Dr. Mohammed Nasser Homaid, the head of national union of the Yemeni handicapped association, told the groups that “We were supposed to celebrate the National Day of the Handicapped on 9th December, but it was deleted to be coincident with proclaiming Sana'a as capital of Arab culture 2004.”
He added “Many handicapped from various governorates are invited and will show their talents and creative works and how to receive Sana'a culture and they will sing, play on the theater and write symphonies to show their happiness on this occasion”
A number of officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as well representatives of the donor organizations attended.