Canada to Extradite Al-Hadi to USA [Archives:2001/48/Front Page]

November 26 2001

Canada has confirmed that Nageeb Abduljabbar Mohamed Al-Hadi, a Yemeni detained in Canada, will be extradited and submitted to the USA.
Al-Hadi, whose extradition was demanded officially by the USA, was detained after his Chicago-bound Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt was diverted on September 11, and he had four passports in his possession.
According to the AFP, a Canadian government lawyer told the presiding judge of the Ontario Superior Court on Thursday that the Canadian government issued an authority to proceed document.
The Canadian authorities had earlier outlined seven charges corresponding to those outlined by the US authorities in their request of extraditing Al-Hadi, including entering Canada with a false passport, forgery and other charges.
On the other hand, Al-Hadi denied any links to any terrorist groups and rejected accusations of forgery of passports. Gary Batasar, the lawyer of Al-Hadi, said he would try to move up the date of extradition and file a motion on Al-Hadi’s detention conditions.
It was mentioned that Al-Hadi was held in solitary confinement at Toronto’s Metro West Detention Center. The authorities concerned in the Canadian government declined to comment on the reason behind detaining Al-Hadi in that center before any final conviction.
The lawyer of Al-Hadi added that he was concerned about his health, as he said “He is gaunt, pale and has lost weight. I’m concerned about his state (of mind).”