Canadian Artist Raises Money for Better Health Care in Yemen [Archives:2000/45/Last Page]

November 6 2000

It is a curious fact that we know more about the masters than they knew about themselves. We know obvious things, such as how much they produced and their places in history.
Robert Jalford

Professor Rudolf Bikkers is a creative talent of global stature. He has gained an international reputation. Born in 1943, in Hilversum, Holland, he emigrated to Canada in 1968. One year later he became a drawing instructor at H. B. Beal High School, London, then the head of printmaking department at Fanshawe College in London. In 1975, he established Master Print Workshop Editions Canada. He taught printmaking at many colleges and universities for 25 years. Currently he teaches printmaking at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in Toronto, Canada.
Over the years his appreciation and understanding of the exquisite music has gone to the point that Rudolf decided to visit it in a visual way!
Bikkerss imagery deals with the microcosm and the universe. He has a great interest in classical, contemporary and folk music. His imagery is often inspired by that music and tends toward abstraction. He is also a cellist.
His works are in major collections in Canada, the USA and Europe.
Bikkers is never interested in political satire. Neither Arab nor international political affairs have an effect on him.
He has organized many international projects with graphics. These portfolios are vehicles for fundraising for humanity and all kinds of humanitarian issues.
Regarding his involvement with Yemen, this is the first time he has been involved with a humanitarian issue in Yemen. Currently, he is organizing an international portfolio of prints with artists from Canada, USA, and Yemen.
The subject matter for this portfolio is: Mother/Child. This portfolio will sell internationally and has the potential to raise $500,000 for perinatal care in Yemen.
He is in Taiz and Sanaa presently at the request of Mr. Faisal Saeed Fare from Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture to explore opportunities for cultural exchange between Canada and Yemen. He is connected with the Canadian Medical Delegation that has recently visited Yemen to address the issues of mothers and babies health for the sake of reducing death rate.

Bikkers has been decorated with the following awards:
1973 graphex 1 purchase award
1974 purchase award 34th annual western Ontario
1976 Honourable mention, Edition 1
1978 Ontario Arts Council Award
1990 A. J. Casson award

2000 Children Affected with HIV – South Africa
(Million Dollar Fund Raising Portfolio)
1999 The Levee portfolio international.
1998 Boston International Print Portfolio
1995 Portfolio Apartheid South Africa.