Cancer foundation director: There are 360,000 cancer cases in Yemen [Archives:2008/1185/Local News]

August 28 2008

SANA'A, Aug. 24 ) The director of the National Cancer Control Foundation, or NCCF, Ali Al-Khawlani, says that there are 360,000 registered cancer cases in Yemen and 20,000 deaths from breast cancer. At a press conference Sunday to inaugurate the sixth campaign to support cancer patients, Al-Khawlani disclosed that the Sana'a Ideal Hospital for Treating Cancer is under construction, adding that more such centers are needed nationwide to treat cancer patients.

He said that the aims of the month-long campaign, which starts on Monday, are to construct the Aden Ideal Center for Treating Cancer, establish a breast cancer center in Sana'a and support cancer patients. Responding to a question about why the foundation doesn't help those patients waiting for months to gain access to chemotherapy at the National Oncology Center to travel outside Yemen for treatment, Al-Khawlani said this is against the foundation's aims because it seeks to establish more units within the country for this purpose.

NCCF Secretary-General Ahmad Bazara'h called on businesses and the Yemeni government to help the foundation construct two cancer treatment centers in Sana'a and Aden, adding that this sixth campaign will propagate the foundation's activities and enlighten the public to protect themselves against cancer.

Yemeni Information Minister Hassan Al-Lawzi noted the important role of journalists and the media in propagating the campaign's support for cancer patients. He also discussed the efforts of society, businesses and financial corporations in supporting such patients.

“European institutions have succeeded and improved only through the support of journalists, the media and charitable organizations,” the minister said, adding, “We're in need of more than a hospital to treat cancer patients, but of course, this requires more money and support.”

In an effort to urge Yemeni citizens to participate in charitable activities, Al-Lawzi announced the beginning of a new television channel during Ramadan called, “Al-Iman,” specialized in religious affairs. He noted that it will be Yemen's fourth state channel and will work to enlighten the public about religious issues and charitable activities.

In response to an invitation from NCCF, famed Egyptian actress Hanan Turk arrived in Sana'a Monday to participate in the national campaign's activities to support cancer patients as part of an annual conviction to enlighten people about cancer and allocate funding for cancer patients. During her first visit to Yemen, Turk will participate in the cancer campaign by meeting with government officials, inspecting NCCF projects and holding a press conference in Sana'a on Wednesday before she leaves Yemen.