Cancer threatens camera department in Aden Channel [Archives:2004/761/Local News]

August 5 2004

Most of the staff at the camera department of Aden T.V. suffer from asthma and cancer due to hazardous chemicals emitted by old films and oxidized acids, which are threatening the lives of the personnel.
The hazardous chemicals filling the department has caused dangerous diseases to a number of employees especially after retirement, such as asthma and cancers, said a member of the staff.
They emphasized that six of their colleagues have died for that reason, the latest of whom was Ahmed Mohammed who died due to a larynx cancer.
They said the management of the T.V. station realizes the menace of the films, but they have done “nothing”.
They only moved the hazardous materials from one place to another, while the chemicals are still emanating.
They called on the Minister of Information and the leadership of the Yemeni Radio and T.V. Corporation to find solutions to safeguard against this, since the whole T.V. station depends mainly on the Camera Department.