Capital Sewage System Authorities, Destroy Streets [Archives:2000/45/Front Page]

November 6 2000

Sewage system Authority in Sanaa has been digging again the main branch streets for the second time this year.
Officials sources of the Authority say that these works are done because previous works have not been accurately implemented.
Jordanian Engineer Nagi Isa working in Ring Road Project said that the survey that had been made previously was seasonal and the drainage ditches were not all connected together. It was only a temporary surface connection that broke up when the celebration of May 22 was over.
The Capital Secretariat has put out to tender reconstructing Sanaa main and branch streets that are carried out by Sufan Contracting Company.
Many streets, like Hael Street that is full of sewage waters until now, are still ruined and not reconstructed yet.
Yemen Times indicated to those reconstruction works at the time they were carried out last on 22 May and hoped that they were not seasonal.
Economic sources estimated at millions of dollars the expenses the government was spending on such reconstruction works which overburdens the budget and the economy of the state. The deficit for this year was more than 14 billion rials.
A number of companies are competing for winning these reconstructions. Due to these reasons, the traffic was blocked and passenger buses drivers have changed into unpaved streets and this made them very angry.