Capt. al-Qadhi: Journalists Travel tickets fares reduced by 60% [Archives:2004/766/Local News]

August 23 2004

The Chairman of Yemenia, Capt. Abdul Khaleq al-Qadhi confirmed that the percentage reduction in the tickets issued to the Journalists is to 60% of the price of the tickets issued to the public. Capt. al-Qadhi said that Yemenia has expanded its fleet after the financial and technical difficulties encountered since 1998.
He added, “We have the domestic travel market to service and now fly to several continents so are expanding the fleet to more than 20 modern airplanes”. Also, he announced that the first newly made Air Bus will arrive on the 15th October. “This first Air Bus in addition to another airplane represent a qualitative shift in the Yemenia fleet capability and specifications”.
There are still a number of journalists who complaining of airfares raising. This was countered the sales officer from Yemenia who said that, 'the reduction in the fare was only applicable to journalist and not to the wider public fare. Therefore, in line with increases in the latter the former only carries a reduction of 30% in real terms. The Journalists Syndicate has welcomed this decision but demands for similar steps to be taken by other travel group.