Captain Abdulghani Al-Saqqaf appeals to the President [Archives:2004/754/Local News]

July 12 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Captain Abdulghani Ismail Al-Saqqaf, in a letter addressed to President Saleh, the commander in chief of the armed forces demanding to be retired, and that the president provide him and his comrades and officers with all of their legal rights.
He indicated in his letter that he was a private in “Al-Arouba” brigade in 1962 with the military identification number 222, the beginning of the Yemeni revolution, and that he was one of the pioneering fighters in defending the revolution. He was also involved in the defeat of Sana'a siege in 1967. He received his military education in five sessions in Cairo, Egypt.
He claimed that all of his documents were burnt by the separatists and the enemies of the revolution in retaliation for his pro-revolution stances. He was compelled to migrate to Saudi where he stayed there until 1990 following the unification of the country. That was when he began to seek to regain his rights, as did those who had left due to political or economic conditions. Since then, he has been trying to obtain his rights.
He also urged the president to grant fair treatment, considering the struggle he had been going through. He hoped that the president would take into consideration his difficult financial and health conditions and to issue instructions to related authority to facilitate his retirement procedures and to release all of his compensation payments.