Caracal Lynx [Archives:1997/50/Culture]

December 15 1997

It is a carnivorous mammal known as “felis caracal”, and unlike any other cat family, it has two black vesicles of hair above his ears. The animal has not been found is Saudi Arabia that it is likely to be dying out. Here, is Yemen, there is no definite information about its surviving numbers. On the other hand, two of them were caught, one in Taiz and the other in Sana’a. Caracal lynx lives in mountains and deserts, and is likely to be found in Abiien, Lahj, Taiz and Hadramout according to people who live there. It is, though, a target for people who hunt it because it lives on their domestic animals. So, it is a necessity to prevent this animal from dying out and try to improve its reprodduction by the following steps: Firstly: To have the reproduction of the animal greatly improved by following correct scientific methods. Secondly: To stop people from hunting the animal and give them money in exchange for their animals killed by the lynx. Thirdly: To collect all captured animals and search for some suitable place for them to live in.
Sadik Yahya Al-Osaimi In charge of the bio-deversity