Cardiac Conference Opens Tomorrow [Archives:1997/48/Local News]

December 1 1997

The 3-day Cardiology Conference will open in Sanaa tomorrow, 2nd December. Attending are a large number of specialists from many countries; including, ironically, many Yemeni cardiologists who come from the diaspora. There are roughly 2,000 Yemeni medical doctors who live and work abroad as Yemen does not seem to be inviting at this time. Also as a corollary to the conference, special efforts have been made to help Yemeni children with heart problems. Italian philanthropist, Adolfo Vanucci, a well-known businessman, agreed to finance the medical treatment of these children in italy. Aided by 2 Yemeni cardiologists who live – Dr. Abdullah Rawah Al-Kadasi and Dr. Mohammed A. Bamashmoos, the first batch of six children will be flown out on December 3rd. Another batch of 6 more children will be flown out on December 7th. The Ministry of Health has been supportive of this effort. It has provided local screening, paid for the tickets, and for an accompanying doctor and nurse.