Care for street children [Archives:2005/901/Local News]

December 8 2005

SANA'A, Dec.7 – The Children of the World Organization (CWO) in Yemen together with the French Cultural Center in Yemen held a press conference to highlight the activities that have been carried out so far by the organization.

Ms.Ghislaine Pawilhac, representative of CWO illustrated that the organization is working in Yemen to promote the awareness of children rights and is concerned mainly with those children who work at their early childhood: “We have been working in Yemen since March, 2005. For the time being, we are mainly working in several areas in Sana'a including Haddah, Bab Al-Yemen, Tahreer, and Al-Hasbah, where there are many children who suffer from house violence problems, and those who are homeless,” said Ms. Ghislaine.

Ms.Ghislaine pointed out that the organization has a center for sheltering fugitive children and giving them sufficient care. The center, which belongs to Al-Saleh Establishment, includes nearly 60 children and aims at solving their problems in cooperation with some local associations; “In the center we nurture children, take care of them, and try to bring them back to their families,” said Ms.Ghislaine. The activities carried out in the center would develop children skills, encourage them, and prepare them to mix with society, said Ms.Ghislaine

Regarding the support the organization receives; Ms.Ghislaine stated that funded by the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) and the European Union. There are some local associations working with the organization such as SOUL, Family Forum, Shawdab, Maeen, Ibhar and Sam, “these associations receive children and offer them assistance in educational and health fields,” said Ms.Ghislaine

The Republic of Yemen signed the Child Rights Treaty on August 1991. It was estimated that around 3 million children in Yemen are living in poverty, with some 5000 children are found begging in Sana'a city, and some 28000 are working (mostly to maintain their families.) their ages range between 5 to 16 years of age.

Evening of the conference's same day, the French cultural center held a musical concert in which the famous Yemeni singer Faysal Alwai sang for the sake of the Yemeni children. The fairs of the concert tickets were dedicated to CWO's projects in Yemen.