Carelessness kills 5 children in Taiz [Archives:2004/787/Local News]

November 4 2004

YT Taiz Bureau
Five children were killed when a grenade was mistakenly triggered and then exploded on Sunday Oct. 24 2004 in al-Haimat al-Olya district of Taiz. The victimized children were instantly killed when they were playing with a live grenade that they found at one of rooms at their father's house.
The boys, Qamar Abdullah Ahmed Murshid (13 years), Latifah Abdullah A. Murshid (8 years), Faraj Abdullah A. Murshid (7 years), Abdurazzaq Ali Ahmed Murshid (5 years), and Ola'a Ali Ahmed Murshid (9 years) left behind a mourning family that was accused of carelessness in not ensuring that weapons are left out of reach of children.
The incident also resulted in grief and sorrow in the neighborhood and in many parts of the city of Taiz.
Such incidents have become more common than ever due to the increasing number of weapons in the country and lack of the most basic regulations that limit the trade and carrying of weapons, particularly out of the capital city Sanaa.