Carl’s Health Conditions Worsened [Archives:2001/23/Front Page]

June 4 2001

Carl, the German citizen abducted May 26, is still in captivity in al-Ali bin Falah tribe, a tribe from Juhm, Mareb. He was kept in al-Mahjezah area located 150 km east of Sana’a. So far there has not been any mediations to ensure a safe release of the abducted. Moreover, Kidnappers are determined not to release him until four tribesmen are released from the central prison in Dhamar. They were arrested after blocking the way of the Supreme Court Appeal Committee Chairman and stealing his car two years and four months ago. 
The convicted were sentenced by the preliminary court to have their right hands and left legs cut off. The verdict was endorsed by the Appeal Court, but is still to be endorsed by the Supreme Court and the President. 
Mr. Carl told Yemen Times that tribesmen moved him from one place to another, pointing out that his health conditions were getting worse due to the bad conditions he was living in. 
Security forces tried last Thursday to move near the area where carl was kept. This led to confrontations between them and tribesmen. However, no injuries were reported. 
Yemen Times visited the German kidnapped and filed an interview with him. Please see page 5 for the whole interview. 
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