Case brought against parliamentarian [Archives:2002/36/Local News]

September 2 2002

ADEN- The Governor of Aden Taha Ghanem filed a lawsuit last week at the Seera Court of First Instances against Member of Parliament Insaf Mayoo for defaming men and women of Governorate of Aden in an interview to a local newspaper. The governor requested a compensation of one hundred million Yemeni rials from to the MP, who is affiliated to the Islah party.
A session at the court was supposed to be held last Saturday but was postponed for one week because of the absence of the defendant.
It is worth noting that many Yemeni citizens and intellectuals all over the country have expressed their resentment towards the defamation of the MP and a campaign to signature signatures in Aden has started so as to lift the MP’s diplomatic immunity so as to have legal action taken against him.