Case of the Abductors of the German Expert VERDICT AGAINST KIDNAPPERS IMMINENT [Archives:2001/52/Front Page]

December 24 2001

Sana’a Dec 22 – The penal court of Sana’a is expected to pass its verdict against defendants accused of kidnapping the German engineer last month. In its third session, Judge Najeeb al-Qaderi appointed advocate Sameed Hashim to defend the five defendants, including the four kidnappers who are still at large. This comes after the prosecutor announced the failure of police to arrest the four defendants and that they should be tried in absentia.
During the sessions, the advocate protested against the prosecution and said he was denied to scrutinize and study the case file of his client as well as having a private meeting with him. The judge agreed to these documents, but he refused to delay process of the trial for a long time.
The defendant, Ahmed Nassir al-Zaidi, who is being tried in absentia, confirmed that he resorted to kidnapping after he failed to get access to government officials to sort out his problems, mainly suspending the payment of his salary.
He said he did not find justice. He also confirmed his participation in piercing the oil pipeline in Mareb in 1994.
Interestingly, he demanded a compensation for a patent of inventing a helicopter which exploded while he was trying to take off, leading to the injury of his arm.