CBY Ordered the Freeze of Suspected Accounts Honey Trade Deeply Rooted in the Past with no Relation with Terrorist Activities [Archives:2001/44/Business & Economy]

October 22 2001

Mahyoub Al-Kamali
Banking resources said that the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) has frozen the accounts of some suspected persons. Honey traders are convicted of performing terrorist acts against the US. The sources do not reveal the freeze-accounts numbers or the names for the people concerned. Consequently, the Yemeni authorities continue investigating with honey traders and their shops. The sources said that three honey shops have closed. The traders amazingly received this news and appalled by these false news. Sources indicated that the Al-Nour Honey Center is included in the list of suspects. Al-Nour Honey Center belongs to a Yemeni citizen from Hadhramout and situated in Sana’a. The Yemeni authorities have made sure of the authenticity and legality of the honey traders. They said that they have practice this profession for decades and the trading of honey is closely related to palm trees growing in Hadhramout, Shabwa, Ibb, Sada’a, and Sana’a. honey traders have denied any relation to Bin Laden and they handed this profession from their ancestors. In Yemen, there are more than 35 different kinds of the Yemeni honey. In Yemen, the best honey is called Al-Douani which is produced in Hadhramout. It is exported to the neighboring countries such as, the Gulf countries. In these countries, honey is sold in great quantities due to its best qualities. The Yemeni government strongly supports the Cooperative Assemblies belonging to the beekeepers to diversify its foreign exports with the aim of finding alternatives to the financial revenues from non-oil resources.
The local production of honey is still low despite the high demand of consumers and merchants. As a result of this, Yemen has been importing different kinds of honey as the American, the Iranian and the Spanish honey according to the freedom of the market and the high demands for this product.