CC Discusses Water [Archives:1997/41/Local News]

October 13 1997

The Consultative Council (Upper House) has, last week, extensively dealt with the issues of water scarcity in the country. Several practical solutions were proposed to tackle Yemen’s impending water crisis. A research paper on water reserves was presented by the Yemeni Authority for Mineral Resources and Geological Surveys. The Consultative Council members also heard a report presented by the General Rural Water and Power Authority on projects is currently implements. Restrictions are to be imposed on the haphazard well drilling and dam constructions is to be encouraged. The Consultative Council has submitted its proposals to the President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The next issue on the Consultative Council’s agenda is the problem of the rapid and out-of-control population growth. At an annual rate of 3.6%, Yemen has one of the highest population growth rates in the world.