CC Human Rights Committee Visits More Prisons [Archives:1998/10/Front Page]

March 9 1998

The Human Rights, Liberties and NGOs Committee of the Consultative Council paid last week more inspection visits to prisons in different parts of the country. Professor Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Chairman of the Committee, headed a delegation which included Mr. Rasheed Gurhoom, Deputy Minister of Interior, which visited prisons in Turba, Ibb, Lahej and Dhamar.
“We usually notify the prisons of our visit program. Thus we find that the local authorities take a lot of corrective measures prior to our visits. That is just fine by us since the objective is exactly that,” said Dr. Saqqaf.
The visits led to the release of 7 prisoners from Turba, 49 from Ibb, 24 from Lahej and 16 from Dhamar. Steps were also taken to improve living conditions.