CC Study Reveals Horrors in [Archives:1997/51/Front Page]

December 22 1997

Government Bureaucracy:
Non-Functioning Personnel = 40%; Absence = 49-63%; Daily Loss = 2-3 Hours
The Consultative Council commissioned a field study on the performance of government bureaucracy. The work was done over the last four months by professionals from the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform and the National Institute for Administrative Sciences. The results of the study were presented to the Consultative Council in three days of hearings last week, 15-17, December. “Of the total manpower employed by the state, and for which a monthly salary is paid, a solid 40% is not working,” the study showed. Most of these employees are kept away from work for political reasons. The number of ghost workers on government payroll is shocking. Of the remaining 60%, the prevailing absentee rate ranges between 49 and 63%. In other words, of those who are asked to come to work, only around half actually do show up. This means that of the total manpower on government payrolls, only 30% actually come to work on a regular basis. Even of those who do come to work, the study showed that many leave their work-place for an extended time to execute personal errands. The daily loss is estimated at 2-3 hours. Government employees are at their workplace only for 2.5-3.5 hours of the total 5.5 working hours. In summation, only 16.36% of the workforce of the government bureaucracy is at work all the time. Even this does not mean that they are actually productive, it means they are physically there! More on Report Page