CC’s Human Rights Committee: Mobilizing Efforts for December 10th [Archives:1998/42/Front Page]

October 19 1998

On Thursday, October 15th, the Expanded Group for Celebrating 10th of December held its second meeting. The group, headed by the Human Rights Committee of the Consultative Council, includes representatives from the Human Rights Committee of Parliament, the Yemeni Association for Human Rights, the Yemeni Organization for Defence of Rights and Liberties, the Human Rights Information and Training Center, the Yemeni Institute for Development of Democracy, the Yemeni Lawyers Guild, the Yemeni Journalists Guild, and other organizations working in the field of human rights.
The group’s plan of action calls for:
1. Publishing 20,000 copies of the six conventions on human rights, child rights, economic rights, torture, etc.
2. Putting on 10,000 cassette tapes the exact text of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and its explanation in layman terms.
3. Sponsoring a workshop on 10/12/1998.
4. Asking law enforcement personnel (prison wardens, arresting officers, interrogation officers, deputy attorneys, etc.) to swear full adherence to the Universal Declaration on human rights.
5. Asking the Government to announce the 10th of December as a National Day in Yemen.
6. Issuing postage stamps on this occasion.