Celebrating Ibn KhaldounArab writers in Sana’a conference [Archives:2006/968/Front Page]

August 31 2006

By: Yemen Times Staff
SANA'A, July 30 ) On the 600th anniversary of Arab scholar Abdul-Rahman Ibn Khaldun's death, Yemen's capital city on Saturday hosted the Arab Artists and Writers Union (AAWU) conference involving participants from 11 Arab nations. The conference was organized by the Yemeni Artists and Writers Union (YAWU) and will continue until Tuesday.

The conference aimed to demonstrate the AAWU's stance of rejecting aggression and annihilation in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, with participants and event organizers presenting several speeches.

Addressing attendees AAWU Secretary-General Ali Aqlah Ursan enumerated tragedies associated with cultural, political, security and military scenes in the Arab world. He affirmed that Arab artists and writers back resisting occupation to restore Arab lands.

According to Ursan, “such resistance has disclosed the reality of Zionist aggression