Celebrating Independence Day [Archives:2002/50/Local News]

December 9 2002

By Ridwan al-Saqqaf
Yemen Times Aden Bureau
The republic of Yemen has celebrated the 35th anniversary of the British colonization evacuation on 30 November 1967, ending 139 years of occupation.
Seizing this national opportunity, the Yemen Times spoke with the Governor of Aden Taha Ahmed Ghanem.
He confirmed that the national meaning of the 35th anniversary is still renewable by virtue of success and gains that Yemen is experiencing under the leadership the president Ali Abdulallah Saleh.
This day coincides with the anniversary of one of the historic Yemeni days, i.e., signing the unification agreement.
Ghanem also pointed out that the departure of the last foreign soldier from the Yemeni territories was the product of honorable work of the people of Yemen, who waged battle with all political and social forces.
Nowadays Yemen is experiencing political pluralism, freedom and democracy that our political leadership is pursuing, said the governor.
He has also recalled the struggle of Yemeni people, their sacrifices of our martyrs, stressing that the city of Aden is composed with all its national constants, and is heading for a future to achieve success and realize accomplishments.
A great and houorable occasion, refreshing to the memory
Meanwhile, the secretary general of local council of Aden governorate, Abdualkareem Shaif says that the 35th anniversary of independence on Nov. 30 a great and honorable occasion, refreshing the memory of young Yemeni generations about benefits of unity and its accomplishments.
He said many Yemeni died martyrs in order to pave the way for the homeland and the people to entertain security, stability and development.
Shaif said that we observe it at a time many of achievements, in times of development and construction and support, with successes resulting from democracy and political pluralism embodied during national council elections.
Shaif has also affirmed that local councils experiment, despite the difficulties it has faced, has found a practical role, with democracy exercised as an approach and action.
He called all on political and social organization to interact with the local council experiment in a manner that would enrich and develop Yemen, under the directives of President Ali Abduallah Saleh.