Celebrations in Aden [Archives:2004/741/Community]

May 27 2004

The Governorate of Aden has set up a complementary festive program on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the National Day of Yemen.
“The celebrations come as a reflection of the importance of this occasion to the life of the Yemeni people, and as a continuation of the advancement and improvement of services and the development renaissance in the economic and commercial capital of Yemen, Aden during the past 14 years”, said the Mayor of Aden.
“The festivities include the inauguration and laying foundation stones of more than 30 projects in various fields at a cost of more than 5.9 billion Riyals, of which 11 projects are in the education sector at a cost of 950,177,298 Riyals”, Dr. Al-Shaibi added.
The Mayor cited one of the activities taking place on this anniversary, which is the laying of the foundation stone for the third phase of Aden Sewage Project. It is considered one of the most significant projects, at cost of 1.6 billion Riyals. In addition, other projects are scheduled either to be inaugurated or have foundation stones laid to in the fields of electricity, transport, industry, trade, local administration and social affairs and various others.