Census committee traverses long distance in,Preparations for December general census [Archives:2004/755/Business & Economy]

July 15 2004

The higher Committee entrusted with preparations for the general census scheduled on December has made a long distance in its implementation of preparatory field paperwork activities and works for the general census allover Yemen.
The committee has adopted the report on the level of the census field execution that indicated to production of 10600 census frames and maps of various modern aerial, and topographic allover the governorates. The committee has also completed discussion of the final draft for forms of population number, and the number of houses. The first includes statements considering census its source and covering 90% of Yemeni families, while the other form includes statements considering census as a secondary source covering a sample of 10% size of total families.
The committee has also finished documents of the numeration and setting up and drawing up systems of mechanical analysis for supplying preliminary results of this phase.