Census of poor families in Aden [Archives:2004/761/Local News]

August 5 2004

Field visits by social researchers are to be launched Saturday August 7, to all Aden districts to count poor families so that they can be given monthly benefits from the Social Care Fund (SCF), announced Nasser Ulaiwah, Manager of the SCF.
These visits come after a count that has been conducted by the districts, which reported 232 cases.
The SCF has organized a 15-day course for social researchers to show them new research methods and so as to learn from previous mistakes.
“The new mechanism focuses on reaching the poorest families, and compare the results with those attained already by other districts,” added Mr. Ulaiwah.
He said the SCF has supported many Aden charitable societies which have been training women in handicrafts so that they are able, after finishing courses, to practice these professions and earn money to reduce the number of poor families in the region.