Central Prison in Haja Attacked [Archives:2000/23/Local News]

June 5 2000

A group of gunmen from Al-Osaimat tribe attacked Thursday June 1 the central prison of Haja and released three prisoners. Al-Osaimat area belongs to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmer, Speaker of the Parliament.
Brigadier general, Ali Mohammed, security director of Haja told Yemen Times that there were three people from Al-Osaimat tribe who were accused of such murder crimes and that their case was still before the prosecution. So, after a strong clash between the gunmen and security forces, the attackers could release the three prisoners. Seven of the attackers were arrested while others managed to flee. Two of the prison guards were injured and one of the prisoners was killed while another one arrested and only one could escape. One of the others injured was Yahya Al-Moalami, deputy -director of the prison.