Chairman of the Consultative Council Visited the Yemen Times Daily Edition Department [Archives:1999/26/Local News]

June 28 1999

On Sunday, H.E. Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani paid a visit to the Yemen Times in order to express support to the institution and to pay condolence to the staff for the unfortunate death of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf. During his visit, he toured the department where the daily edition of the Yemen Times is being prepared. Mr. Abdulghani then had a look at the seminar room, where the first NDI Press Conference was held around two weeks ago.
Mr. Abdulghani was also briefed on how operations take place from the first step of getting interviews and live news, until the final steps of having the positive films printed to be taken to the printing house. Being greatly impressed by how well organized the newspaper work was, he expressed his support to have the paper continue in the steps of the deceased in the quality, credibility, and independence of the contents of the paper. He also stressed the fact that the Yemen Times has been a landmark for journalism in Yemen, and continued to be the leading newspaper in regards to effectiveness and quality of its material.
After being shown the first issue of the special Emerging Democracies Forum edition of the Yemen Times, he expressed his thoughts that Yemen Times is indeed a strong institution that holds the image of Yemen high internationally and locally, and said that if it continues in the way it has, it could one day become a daily paper.