Challenge of epidemic diseases [Archives:2003/643/Health]

June 19 2003

By Khaild M. Al-Kadasi
Voluntary Awareness Center against Infectious Epidemically Diseases

Infectious epidemic diseases stand as a challenge to human mentality as the latter is struggling to undo the same. No sooner a given disease is defeated than a new challenge arises necessitating to benefit from the essence of previous experiences in the history of confronting these infectious and incurable epidemic diseases, imposing the certainty of combining all efforts exerted by everyone to get armed with techniques and equipment for attaining a victory over this challenge.
With the evolution of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and its outbreak all over the world, multi-national interested specialists are devoting much of their times in studying, observing and controlling ways of its infection. Regardless of the damage this malady is bringing about, everyone is prone to catch it, and the world is sharing panic towards its causing of causalities to human beings, and damage to economies, tourism and other aspects of human civilization.
Human mentality is aware that is should by no means surrender or demurrage to this challenge as the price is human life. Therefore, the WHO, along with all other centers for fighting diseases, are attempting at controlling the infection and spread of this disease (SARS), which stops nowhere and perhaps shares the last moments of lives. Therefore instructions have been given to travelers, medical cadres and all people who wonder about this deadly disease in terms of its infection media of spread to take proper vaccines. Their need to the preventive instructions is increasingly growing up. We can feel this need through designating internet sites for dissemination of awareness, beside, TV stations, and empowering of health services quarantine at airports, seaports and entries.
All this effort is employed for confrontation with a single challenge of Infectious Epidemic Disease targeting Man. There is an urgent need for adopting an information-circulation policy on these diseases whose spread and infection are highly backed throughout Man's ignorance and the society as well. Educating and awareness about the disease, especially in the developing countries, seems meager and null. Perhaps due to the impact of these diseases on their fragile economies which, possibly, hardly can afford launching educational campaigns regarding these diseases, besides dealing with the same and taking preventive and fighting measures.
Scarcely have we heard about NGO's initiatives for epidemically spread diseases education as a contribution to the right of sharing life. Even if such initiatives come about; they receive no effective response for the support for their sustainability and expansion by the public or private sectors. You can only feel the voluntarily initiatives by the interested citizens.