Challenges Facing Yemeni-USA Relations: A SEMINAR [Archives:2001/44/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Yemeni Foreign Minister, Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi is to sponsor on Oct. 31 a seminar entitled ” Present Challenges Facing Yemen-USA Relations”, to be organised by Yemen Times in cooperation with Al-Jazeera and a newly established NGO Al-Khaleej Studies Center. The seminar is considered a pioneer step in focusing on the present challenges facing the relations of the two countries in terms of fighting terrorism, military cooperation, plus various other fields. The seminar will include working papers covering four main topics: Regional dimension of Historical background of Yemen-US relations, regional dimensions of the relations, Yemen’s role in assisting US in combating terrorism, and the future of the relations among the present challenges.
The seminar will shed light on the regional conditions following the September 11 attacks against the USA, and their impact on the relations of the two countries. It will also bring to attention the public opinion regarding the US strikes against Afghanistan and how the two countries could come up with a common vision of future steps in combating terrorism globally and with public opinion in mind.
On the seminar, Editor-in-Chief of Yemen Times, Walid Al-Saqqaf said, “The seminar will be a great opportunity for both Yemeni and American sides to exchange ideas and debate with intellectuals representing public opinion to propose efficient and well-directed ideas for the sake of enhancing US-Yemen relations despite the present challenges.”
Many Ambassadors and Chiefs of Mission of several countries have confirmed their attendance to the 1-day seminar along with representatives of various political parties, researchers, and intellectuals with expertise in Yemen-US relations.