Change your life (i) [Archives:2006/937/Community]

April 13 2006

By: Alawi Abdulla Abu Bakir Taha
[email protected]

Life your life, how much is it worth? Is it worth someone saying to you, “you're worth xyz minimum wage.” With a brain mass of 23 billion cells, do you let someone say to you, “your worth is GBP18,000, or GBP25,00 or GBP70,000 a year,” and have him or her (the boss) tell you when to get up, when to have a break, what time to leave your home, when to go on holiday and what holiday you can afford to go to? With a body of more than a billion pounds of genetic industry, and a brain that does a trillion calculation per second, do you let someone say, “you will never make it son,” or, “I did it a few years back and it didn't work, so it won't work for you”?

With the power that you have to change your life by just changing the way you think; what you read; the way you talk; by having faith in God who only has to say 'BE' and it will happen, do you base your future, your success on the failures the quitters of this life? Do you base your future on those who want so much out of life but they are unwilling to come out of their comfort zone? You know the existence of many examples in life in which people before you and presently in this world today have achieved their dreams. So, do you take advise from someone who can't even make their own decisions; take control of their own family challenges; have their own money problems; who work for someone we call a boss that tells us what to do? That's called, PASSING THE BUCK. After all, it is your life, your future, your family's future.

What price are you willing to pay? Is it: “no matter what it takes!” Or, “I will have a go and then see what happens in a few months and if it doesn't work for me, I'll quit.” What do you think your mind, that 23 billion cells of a brain of yours will do, and what God will think when you half-heartedly work towards your dreams? God will NOT give you nor the people a dream, nor future opportunities if you are not willing to take your life seriously and are willing to take that first step.

It's not your life when someone else makes the decision for you. It's not your life when someone tells you how much you're worth. It's not a life, when you live to work instead of working to live enjoying your life, time with your children and family; making yours and their dreams come true. Life happens only once and some wait for far too long to live it. A man or woman never says on their deathbed, “I wish, I had spent more time at the office.”

Instead they will say, “I wish I had spent my life serving the Lord, submitting to Him. I wish I had spent more time with my children, my wife, my husband and had taken that brave decision and step to go the extra mile to learn to live instead of learning to die. Maybe, my children would have swum with dolphins and I would have seen the world. Lord, I wish I took the time to make an impact on the lives of thousands and millions of people around the world, and be the financial warrior, the one who brings hope, the one who reminds them of YOU! What have I done with my youth, time, my money? I learnt the errors of my ways now when it is far too late Lord. Please, give me a second change.”

There are no second chances when death meets us. There is but a reckoning or a joy. Victory or Hell