Change your life (ii) [Archives:2006/939/Community]

April 20 2006

Alawi Abdulla Abu Bakir Taha
[email protected]

The question is, “do you know your worth, the value of life?” Yes? Then learn to live instead of learning to die and embrace the challenges to come, and go the extra mile because the ones who take average steps live a life of mediocrity -but those who do take the extra mile, achieve what we call, PEACE OF MIND. God then will give men, women, and the community the success they dreamed of because He knows they will value it, nurture it, and share it with whomever they meet. But first, change your life, the way you think; tame your thoughts, the way you talk, speak what you want and not what you don't want, and be bold, adventurous with your dreams. The world is waiting for dreamers. It awaits for a person, that real you which resides within you. Once a father was walking with his son and he said:

“Son, I have two people fighting within me.”

The son asked, “Which one will win? Which one father will win?”

The father turned to his son and replied, “The one I feed my son. The one I feed.”

Who then will you and I feed? Hope or negativity! Dreams or skeptics? Do we feed victory or do we dwindle our thoughts to past failures? Will it be adventure or mediocrity? Shall we sit in our comfort zone or do we go the extra mile and impact the lives of thousands?

This world is waiting not for politicians or for social studies. It is not waiting for words but for action. Action from people who have a great dream to make a difference in this world today. I believe, no matter what climate we live in today, we shall see more multi-millionaires and billionaires to come. I believe, that the business world, the world of education will change; that men and women of vision will realize the value of life, of what God has given to them and battle with our demons to overcome them with our submission to truth. When we look in the mirror and see what we have within us by the grace of God, then we shall outdo what many have seen in the past.

I believe, men and women who have true faith in God will make this world a better place because they will see the person not where they are but where they can be and what they can become. The real question is, when will we learn to value life no matter of what color, creed and religion and not play double standards to gain votes, support from countries or any super power within the world we live in? Everything, whether it is trouble within our homes, or the strife within our communities, or the games of war within our world, to the small petty things we argue on, has a solution. We as individuals must change.

This is also for my own country, Yemen, for the US, for England and to other countries around the world. We must make positive changes within our own homes, our own land, within our own educational system, our judiciary system and the way our country runs. When a country has to ask for help to help its country's growth then this country does not belong to them. Like I always say in the business world as I mentor many entrepreneurs:

“It is not your business if you are not willing to invest in your own materials, in your own people, in your own business, in your own country, in your own home, in your own life. It belongs to the very person who builds it. So invest, take responsibility for your own business, stop blaming everyone else, and be accountable and be a leader amongst men. Be a queen amongst women.”

It always starts with you. The corruption in our communities, our mosques, our homes, our businesses, and our educational system exists because we let it happen. What we are saying with this is, “we do not value our own lives, the lives of our children, the lives of our wives' or husbands', and the life God has given us”.

So, why pray for guidance, for success, when the very hands we raise to God, are the very hands that cower away from making a difference and fighting for justice. Why do we ask for God to give us anything, if we are not taking time to look after what He has already given us i.e. LIFE!?

I asked myself these very words, and I had no alternative but to change and God in the end, began to change everything for me. We humans are sometimes stubborn and tend to always point to someone else for the mess we see in our world. Yes, I agree, we can ask, “who has done this?” But you know, I found life can be better if I ask, “what can I do to help?” The answer is simple;

“First change YOU!”

Thank you Allah (SWT) for the straight answer.