Change yourself now [Archives:2007/1071/Community]

July 23 2007

By: Ali Faraj Ali Al-ammari
[email protected]

Changing is very important for human life but to the better not to the Worse. The change could be in your behavior, your dress, your talking methods with people, or your way to behave with people. So, you must look around yourself for a moment, and try to know things that you need to change in your life. As you look on how your classmates behave with you, you'll ask “are they well-behaved with you?”

If your answer was “No”” you need to change yourself with them.

I'll give you some methods so you can own people's hearts:

First you should be humble.

Second you should be interested in them.

Third you should be quiet and smiling.

Fourth you should be friendly with them.

Fifth you should take care of your style.

Sixth you should not envy people and you should like for them what you like for yourself

Seventh you should give them a hand in anytime they ask you for.

This is one model to change your life.