Charitable Societies’ Arduous Task [Archives:2001/01/Culture]

December 31 2001

Associations and civil society organizations substantially increased in the last decade. The different missions carried out by these organizations and societies concrete solidarity amongst members of the society and strengthen the democratic process, as well. Although so many people have taken advantage of such associations for achieving personal or partisan gains, a few associations could efficiently serve the society far away from being an instrument in the hand of some opportunists in the society.
Al-Falah Charitable Society in Dar Sa’d in Aden is one of the few societies which has helped the local community in Aden through alleviating poverty and providing food and medical assistance to the residents of the district. Fighting poverty as the main problem in this district has topped the priorities of action of the society, particularly since this problem is the source of other afflictions like very high illiteracy, as well as unemployment rates.
Dar Sa’d district is a remote area that houses different segments of the society owing to its geographical location in the City of Aden. Chairman of the society, Sheikh Mukhtar Saleh al-Wosabi, said, Our society has constructed a number of classrooms with the view of providing students with extracurricular courses both in the mornings and at nights. Special classes for teaching the Holy Quran have been also given particular attention within these courses. A great deal of school-bags were also distributed for the needy students. He added that some of the major activities of the society had been sponsoring 150 orphans and providing poor families with Eid’s necessities. The society also set up 6 classrooms for teaching illiterate people in the community.
Dr. Abdulbari Dughaish, Secretary-General of the Society pointed out that the society would set up classes on sewing principally for unemployed women. He added that the society aimed at providing the local community there with educational and healthcare services through covering the charges of some medical surgeries and free medicaments especially for patient with dangerous diseases like cancers, heart diseases and diabetes. A clinic which will provide around the clock and free of charge treatment for all patients of the community will be opened soon, as well, Dr. Abdulbari Dughaish announced.
The society has reached an agreement with the Electricity Corporation to provide the eastern part of Dar Sa’ad district with electricity supply, particularly as this area is till this very day deprived of this essential service. In addition, new classrooms for eradicating female illiteracy are scheduled to be inaugurated in the near future.
As far as the society is concerned, the headquarters of the society will be finalized soon and all sewing workshops will be equipped.
Dr. Abdulah al-Dughaish expressed the society’s hope to embark on building the medical clinic soon so as to start rendering health services to the patients of the society who are in a bad need for such services. We call upon the government authorities and all organizations to extend their help to building the clinic of the society, particularly as the society will only be able to provide part of the funds required for its construction, Dr. Dughaish added.