Charitable societies in Yemen [Archives:2002/48/Local News]

November 25 2002

TAIZ- Charitable societies play a vital role in the process of development and poverty reduction through establishing charitable projects for the sake of the poor and the needy.
In the Holy month of Ramadhan, activities performed by these charitable societies increase considerably.
In Taiz governorate, there are a number of such societies of which the Islah and Hayel Saeed Charities are among the most active.
Around 230,000 people benefit from those charities during the month of Ramadhan as more than 78,000 families are targeted by the charities. Providing poor families in Taiz with food to break their fast during this holy month is among the most essential services offered by the charities.
Preparations are in full swing to start distributing new clothes for more than 4,000 children to put a smile on their faces to celebrate the upcoming Eid al-Fitr. It has to be mentioned that diverse charitable projects have been conducted by the charities including projects to take care of orphans. The number of orphan and blind Yemenis taken care of by the society until last October has exceeded 2,800. Periodical financial allocations are distributed in this cause estimated at around YR 78,906,000. These projects are distributed in accordance with the essential needs of the poor in health, social and educational services.
The chairman of the Hayel Saeed Charity, Abduljabbar Hayel Saeed told the Yemen Times that the charity focuses on helping the needy, the poor, widows, and orphans. “The Hayel Saeed Ana’am Charity is among the leading societies that assist thousands of poor families” he said.
Great attention is paid by Hayel Saeed Ana’am Charity to the study of the Holy Qura’an as a large number of graduates in this field are specialized in the Qura’an sciences through funds offered by the charity. Then those graduates move on to teach others.
The society also grants scholarships to poor students who obtain high marks in their secondary exams so as to be able to study in Yemeni and Arab universities.
Helping poor families break their fast by offering them food during the Holy month of Ramadhan is done by distributing food to tens of mosques throughout the Taiz governorate.
The Hayel Saeed Ana’am Charity was established in 1970. In addition to the various services it offers, many schools, mosques and centers to teach Qura’an have been established by the charity in many towns and villages throughout the republic. The charity has also carried out many charitable works such as building schools and establishing general training institutes and holy Qura’an teaching centers.