Chess Championship Title for  Wahdah Sana’a for the third time [Archives:2000/16/Sports]

April 17 2000

The chess team of Wahdah Sana’a won the Republic Chess Championship for the third time. Players from Wahdah team were able to defeat all their opponents in all rounds. Zandan Al-Zandani from Wadah Sana’a won 14 rounds out of the 15 rounds of the championship. His colleagues, Bashir Al-Kadimi, Khalil Al-Subaihi and Yahya Farah also achieved remarkable successes over their rivals in the champoinship. Winners scores are as follows:
The first – Wahdah Sana’a – 49 points
The second – Telal – 41 points
The third – Ahli Taiz – 40.5 points
The fourth – Hassan – 33.5 points
The fifth – Al-Marawah – 33 points