Chess Team in Lebanon [Archives:1998/22/Sports]

June 1 1998

On Wednesday, May 27th, the Yemeni chess team went to Beirut, Lebanon to participate in the Arab Championship for Top Arab Chess Players, which will last until June 8th. The Lebanese Chess Association will host the championship and will offer all the living expenses for all the participants. The Yemeni team includes Hatem Al-Hadhrani, Hameed Al-Qadhi, and Khaleel Al-Sabeehi.
The Yemeni Chess Association plans to participate in the 3rd Arab Chess Championship, to be held in Baghdad from 17th to 26th of June 1998. Hameed Al-Qadhi, Yahya Faraj, Hatem Al-Hadrani, Khaleel Al-Sabeehi, and Zandan Al-Zandani will represent the Yemeni team in that occasion.