Child abuse in Taiz [Archives:2004/771/Local News]

September 9 2004

A barbaric crime occurred in Al-Jahmalia in the city of Taiz, on Saturday September 4th 2004 when a human beast, called A. M. A., raped a three and a half year old girl as he was in her father's house. The police caught him and initiated legal proceedings. The case has now been transferred to the responsible authorities.
Seven bus drivers also admitted committing adultery in Beer Basha with a 13-year teenager (R. H. Sh.) who used to accompany them. The seven men, as well as the girl, confessed that they have been committing adultery together for two months. All of them (except for the girl) were transferred to the concerned authorities to take legal procedures. The girl was sent to her father through the chief of the zone as she is still a minor.