Child polio campaign kicks off in al-Jawf [Archives:2005/847/Health]

June 2 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Al-Jawf- YT- The national campaign against child polio commenced on Tuesday May 31 and will last for 9 days. The campaign is being implemented by the two organizations ADRA and P.H. R. Plus, and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in coordination with the Health and Population Office in the governorate of al-Jawf.

The campaign is aimed at vaccinating around 40 thousand infants in many districts all over the governorate.

At the inaugural ceremony, Mansour Ahmad Saif Governor of al-Jawf called on locals to not listen to the propagandas of some malicious people who hope the epidemic to stay in Yemen for a long time.

He confirmed a great attention has been drawn by officials at the governorate toward the 9-day vaccination campaign.

The governor added the development process in al-Jawf is closely connected with security and stability. With the provision of security, the number of projects increases, and frustrating any project will delay up public services to reach different parts of the governorate.

According to the governor, citizens should cooperate hand in hand and prevent malicious people from hindering the reach of public services to several areas.

He praised the efforts expended by the USAID that lavishly supported the campaign making it a success with the aim to raise quality of the health sector in al-Jawf, and expressed his happiness at efforts exerted by officials of the two other organizations.

For his part, Abdussalam al-Kuhlani, from P.H.R. Plus, delivered a speech in which he confirmed the success of the campaign that covered different parts in al-Jawf and this will help encourage the USAID to support other vaccination campaigns due to be held in the future.

Naji Khalil Director of USAID in the country commended the efforts of locals and their cooperation with the charitable organizations to make the campaign a success.

He affirmed the campaign will cover all the districts of al-Jawf Governorate. Meanwhile the regional director of the organization indicated the campaign coincides with the distribution school furniture and medical facilities by the USAID in five al-Jawf districts.

Dr. Abdulmalik al-Sana'ani, health office coordinator at the organization mentioned the governorate was divided into three parts to facilitate the task of the campaign recruits who number up to 658.