Child rights discussed [Archives:2003/630/Local News]

April 7 2003

The Higher Council for Motherhood & Childhood (HCMC) prepared with participation of interested bodies in childhood issues a detailed report about the children reality in Yemen.
To add the spirit of transparency for this report the HCMC along with National Supreme Committee for Human Rights and cooperating with UNICEF organized especial 2-day workshop to discuss the Second periodical report for Yemen on the level of implementation for Child Rights treaty.
Dr. Waheeba Fare', Minister of Human Rights, Mr. Abdualkareem al-Arhabi, Minister of Social Affairs and labor, Mr. Leonard De Vos, UNICEF representative in Yemen and Dr. Nafeesa al-Gaefi, general secretary of HCMC attended the opening ceremony.
About 35 participants represented the concerned ministries and governmental and governmental civil society institutions were divided into 8 groups. Each group discussed one of the eight dimensions mentioned in the report. They were asked to comment on the report and enrich it with their notes and suggestions that therefore would be taken into consideration and included in the recommendations of the workshop.
Mozna al-Habshi, media consular in CHCM, told Yemen Times that they are studying the participants comments and suggestions in order to prepare the recommendations of the workshop that will be distributed then.
It is worth mentioning that the report will be submitted to the International Committee for Child Rights in May 2003.