Childhood discussed at Taiz University conference [Archives:2006/951/Local News]

June 1 2006

TAIZ, May 29 ) The second Childhood Conference on children's development and protection began Monday at Taiz University. Dr. Saleh Ba Surrah, Minister of Higher Education, said the ministry seeks to tackle problems like establishing relations between public universities which “seem to be remote islands not based in one home.”

“We'll try to reconsider the status of private universities, as they are responsible for preparing educated generations. These universities should adhere to the law's conditions by having qualified teaching staff, not depending on teachers from public universities,” Ba Surrah said.

He added that education should be considered before caring for childhood. “Reforming education is they key to restoration. Education has four pillars: family, school, society and higher education institutions.”

Taiz University Rector Dr. Mohammed Al-Sufi stated that the university adopted the conference as part of its strategy to mix with society, feel its problems, offer scientific services required for development and create a remarkable leap in the context of the university's aims.

“Taiz University sees that caring for childhood directly cares for higher education's future, which in turn cares for the country's future so that development is ensured,” he added.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhaifani of Taiz University's Education Qualification Center said a society that ignores childhood is unable to have space in the world. “Talented children participating in the conference were carefully selected from schools. There are 55 students with different talents.”

Held in coordination with the Education Qualification Center and Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture, the conference will continue through today.