Children suffer everywhere [Archives:2004/773/Community]

September 16 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Children have always been susceptible to being victims of deteriorations in economic and political situations, as well as blood-shedding conflicts. Over the last few years however, children have been put under increased pressure due to several issues.
Although international organizations are working for the sake of protecting children, they can not force most countries to sign several agreements concerned with children. Furthermore, horrific and scandalous violations are still being committed against children, such as child abuse and child trafficking by gangs in poor countries.
Besides this, child workers are still subjected to miserable conditions by their bosses, often for payment which is not enough to maintain their most basic needs. These children, aside from receiving such inhumane treatment, are often at risk from domestic violence within their homes, owing either to the disintegration of their family, or the pressures of their scant income.

Problems related children's rights are increasing daily. Another incident showing the suffering of children is the one that took place last week in the Russian school, which claimed the lives of 300, who were caught up in the clashes between abductors and security forces, most of whom were undoubtedly innocent. These tragic incidents against child rights will not come to an end until there is a world policy to protect children from political conflict.