Children use dolls to fight AIDS [Archives:2007/1112/Health]

December 17 2007
A doll portrayed by street children shows their suffering.
A doll portrayed by street children shows their suffering.
Fatima Al-Ajel
Talented children are selected to be trainers for children in the future by using dolls and present plays.

About 20 children from the Safe Childhood Center and the Juvenile Center participated on Monday in a three-day program which aims to educate children on the dangerous and negative effects of AIDS

At the beginning of the coming year, the trainees plan to transfer their experience and knowledge about the danger of AIDS to their friends in the juvenile centers by using dolls and games as attractive tools for communicating with and educating the children.

The program procedures consist of five steps, starting with providing the children with materials to make their own dolls. Then the children write and rehearse scenarios related to AIDS, design the decor of the theater, and lastly perform the plays.

The program, implemented in Hodeidah, Taiz and Aden, reflected the children's remarkable achievements, as they model how juveniles and street children in society can participate in community development if they get the chance and support to do so.

The project's coordinator, Mohammed Al-Arifi, described how the children portrayed their suffering in the street through the roles they played in the theater. He mentioned, \”These children are the ones who most need such a program