Children’s Parliament elections to be held [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

By Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Yemen Times Staff

The General Manager of Democracy School, Mr. Jamal Abdullah Al-Shami told Yemen Times that the upcoming elections of the Children's Parliament will take place on April 11 in Sana'a and will have 30,000 voters distributed throughout the country. Mr Al-Shami said the procedures of children electors' registration would begin on the 9th of this month.and would cover all the governorates of the republic.
Elections will be held in 35 schools, 20 of them for male students and 15 for female.
According to Mr. Al-Shami, the names of candidates who will be participating in the elections will be announced soon. Candidates will have to be between 12 and 15 years old and will be nominated for a two-year term in the parliament.
Mr. Al-Shami added that the organizers have been working hard to avoid the problems that occurred in earlier elections, including the fact that earlier elections were only limited to the capital, but this year's Parliament will include students from all over the country.
“Our objective is to implant the ideas of democratic awareness in Yemeni children so they can be ready to handle their affairs in a democratic manner when they grow,” he concluded.