Chinese Army anniversary Celebrated [Archives:2002/32/Local News]

August 5 2002

The Chinese Embassy in Sanaa celebrated the Chinese Army anniversary last Wednesday. The celebration was attended by Yemeni army bodies, diplomats, the attaché marshals in our country and the new Chinese Ambassador to Yemen, Gao Yusheng. Mr. Teng Hong, the Chinese Navy, Military, and Air Forces attaché delivered a speech in which he praised the Yemeni-Chinese relations and considered it historical in many ways. The 47-year-old new Chinese Ambassador to Yemen joined the Chinese Foreign Ministry in 1975, was employed in the Chinese Embassy in Sanaa during 1979-1982, worked as the Second Secretary for the Chinese Embassy in Egypt during 1988-1992, held the position of Chinese Embassy Advisor to Egypt during 1996-1999 and from 1999 up to 2002 had been working as an Advisor for the Foreign Ministry West Asia and North Africa.